OAE's secretary-general "Chantanon" hands a mission-driven policy

OAE's secretary-general "Chantanon" hands a mission-driven policy

The OAE must be a leader as fast and accurate "agricultural economic navigator"

     Mr. Chantanont Wannakhajorn, Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics (NESDB), said that NESE, as an organization that directs the development of the agricultural sector and the National Agricultural Information Center by 2022, it is necessary to keep pace For every change in dimensions And with a very important role Responsible for the preparation of Big Data in agriculture of the country. Therefore must be ready and competent And personnel potential To allow organizations to grow into Digital Transformation in the New Normal era

     "Currently, we cannot deny that The world has rapidly leapfrogged every organization and all of us. Therefore need to keep pace with changing situations Especially the agricultural sector Facing challenges Both in terms of natural disasters Plague of people and animals The conflict between international trade, economy and technology innovation, therefore, the operation of NESDB must focus on the appropriate modern technology. To apply in the operation to be more efficient And as a guiding organization for agricultural sector development and the national agricultural information center It serves as a navigator or 'Agricultural Economic Navigator' to guide information. Trends in agriculture To the relevant sectors Including farmers can truly use them, ”said the secretary-general of NESDB.

     For the operating policy that Mr. Chantanon Set guidelines for government officials and officials On the occasion of the appointment of NESDB secretary-general is to focus on the NESDB to drive work in data, research, policy, evaluation and administration. Comprehensively It must be an organization that develops, prepares and can cope with every situation at all times. To act as a navigator for the agricultural economy for the country with speed and accuracy in 5 areas as follows

✅ Development of the information system to be fast, accurate and precise, applied for analysis, research, making policy to be relevant to the point. Computing system with in-depth analysis (Artificial Intelligence (AI)), all sectors can easily access data, easy to understand and use.

✅ Research aspects can be used It affects people at large Respond to events that will happen in the future Along with providing clear suggestions for solutions to problems

✅ Policy, prepare and propose policies that are consistent with the current situation Respond to needs and put them into action

✅ Evaluation Evaluate results based on facts To lead to effective and sustainable development

✅ Management, making and disseminating information reflecting the truth to all sectors Along with providing guidance on corrective action and development that are clear and practical Work fast, accurate and efficient. Have team Both inside and outside NESDB, it is important to develop personnel to have knowledge Expertise, professionalism, adaptation to future changes As well as developing and increasing the potential of EIT 1-12 to be able to work in place of the central And not forgetting the moral and ethical aspects to create good governance in the organization

     In addition to the policies, guidelines given to government officials and officials, NESDB still focuses on the main policies of the government. Including policies of the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives In driving the national strategy Continuing to improve farmers' quality of life to be stable Agricultural economy to grow with stability. Towards balanced and sustainable development Achieve the goals that are set together