Drought Impacts on Agriculture and Farmer Assistance Measures

The National Agricultural Big Data Center (NABC), Office of Agricultural Economics together with the Office of Agricultural Economics area 1-12 has estimated the damage on plantation areas with dead or totally damaged crops. By predicting drought-affected plants in each region From the report of the damaged areas of the monitoring and resolution center for agricultural disasters Can estimate the damage value is 8,824.79 million baht when considering by region, found that the northeast region Most affected The damage value is 3,652.20 million baht, accounting for 41.39% of the total damage value, followed by the northern region, with the damage value of 2,801.01 million baht, equivalent to 31.74% of the total damage value.

Measures and assistance to farmers

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Have guidelines for implementing the disaster prevention and drought prevention plan for agriculture in 2019

Measures and assistance to farmers
Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives There are guidelines for the implementation of the disaster prevention and drought prevention plan for agriculture in 2019/63.
1. Prevention and mitigation: creating awareness to reduce the risk of 77 provinces, such as monitoring the water situation both inside and outside the irrigation zone. Promoting plantation using less water, etc.
2. Preparation, such as the preparation of tools and equipment (Pumps), animal provision, seedlings, seedlings, soil improvement, etc.
3. Facing events such as supporting water for consumption Maintain agricultural ecology, support for animal supplies and supplies Arrange mobile units Providing animal health care services, advising animal husbandry Surveillance for plant and animal diseases Including animal health care, etc.
4. Better recovery, such as assessing the value of damage in agriculture from disasters Loan support program For cooperatives experiencing disaster and solving agricultural price problems Help cooperatives And members who are in disaster And helping farmers in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Recognizing the importance and urgent need of drought solutions Therefore all departments under Expedite the process of assisting farmers and citizens In order to be able to live life through the drought crisis Which summarizes the results of the operation to help farmers who suffer from drought, 2019/2020
1. Agricultural disaster monitoring and resolution center Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
2. Prepare water allocation plans for large and medium-sized irrigation projects throughout the country during the dry season of 2020/63.
3. Prepare drought cultivation plan for the year 2020/63 throughout the country, totaling 7.21 million rai.
4. Royal rain practice Department of Royal Rain and Agricultural Aviation
5. Carry out a water source project in a farm outside the irrigation zone. To alleviate drought, water shortage
6. Survey the fruit plant areas for risk of water shortage every week.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has set up a project to increase water, cost, and water distribution system to support the action plan for the recovery of flood-affected and flood-affected farmers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in 2019. Project Duration October 2019 - 30 September 2020

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